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Request Income Information

Today is the day when employers across the nation are attempting to complete W-2 forms and send them out to employees, so employees can file their taxes.  We all have deadlines that we have to keep, and it is important that we keep up with them.  In a Court setting, if you fail to adhere to a time setting, you can face a possible petition for contempt.  

The Court mandates times that parents must exchange income and expense information each year.  For W-2 and 1099's that date is February 15th.  At times, you may want to look at your child support to determine if your child support is correct.  In order to do this, we offer two ways to help.  The first is a custom form from our office that you can use to request income information from your former spouse.  Remember, pursuant to your divorce, or child support order, you are entitled to see W-2's, 1099's, Income Tax and Child Care Cost information.  The flip side to this is that you must also provide copies to your spouse, so make sure you are doing that at the prescribed times.

To request a copy of this information from your spouse, click here for a request form.  This form is an editable pdf.  Simply click on the first field where it is marked as date, and fill out the remaining information by hitting the tab key or checking the appropriate box.  Make sure to send a copy to our office if you are a client, or save a copy for your own records.  Please note that the use of this form does not create an attorney client relationship and it is designed as an aid only.  In order to hire our office, you will need to set an appointment and retain our services.

The second tool at your disposal is our new child support app, available for download in the itunes store. More to come on that later.  For now, download the form and send your co-parent a copy of your information and request the same. 

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