Life, It Seems, Is Not Without A Sense of Humor.

Life, It Seems, Is Not Without A Sense of Humor.


There are few things satisfying in life. Sure there are days when the rebels win the cotton bowl, when a client brings you a bottle of fine aged Bourbon or when you win big in Court. But one of these little pleasantries is when you make a man so mad he loses his composure. This week I was given just such a pearl. But let me begin from the beginning.

I’m a mild mannered, sometimes mediocre, sometimes brilliant, sometimes vicious and several other adjective and adverbs, Divorce/Bankruptcy Attorney making a living in Memphis, TN. I take fewer clients and truly get involved in my clients lives. In doing so, the opposing party’s get angry at times with me. I wouldn’t say its a perk, but its not a drawback either. If they are mad, then I’m doing my job. That’s not always true though. If I can get a settlement where everybody wins, and no one is angry, that is truly the best that can happen, but if not…then my mission if I choose to accept it, is to piss off someone. This weeks example is one Robert, whose name, except for his first name, shall remain nameless.

 Robert sent me an email telling me that I was a horrible person, that despite the fact he was having an affair with a 20 year old on his wife of 17 years, I had done harm to his family. He went on to threaten me. This in itself is not that interesting, this is not that rare. What is rare is that he sent this letter to me, to his wife, to his wife’s mother, his wife’s father, his wife’s sister, his employees, everyone but his attorney. Tell me class, what has Mr. Robert done wrong? If he just told me I was a bad person that’s one thing, but when he called me names and sent it to others, that my friend is a published slanderous remark. That my friend is Libel.

But the letter, that is a badge of honor.